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The Right Priorities

Restore Affordable Energy

I own an energy company and worked in the oil fields. I know well that reversing Biden’s attacks on American energy is critical to reducing gasoline and utility prices.

Stop Runaway Inflation

Reckless Washington spending and a Federal Reserve catering to Wall Street has sent prices soaring. It’s time to stop excessive spending and reform the Fed.

Return Law & Order

I stand with Oklahoma law enforcement and will fight to restore the Rule of Law in our nation and end Democrat efforts that defund the police and encourage criminals.

End Biden’s ‘Open Borders’

There is nothing ‘compassionate’ in leaving our borders wide open. Crime is up and deadly drugs flow into our communities. Border security must be a top priority.




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The Right Priorities

Too many politicians have but one priority – themselves!  It’s time to change that and restore the right priorities to Washington.  I’m an Oklahoma businessman.  I know that success turns on doing right by others, giving back, and doing right for the community in which I live.

Unlike the Washington politicians, I believe public service means just that – service to others to benefit our community, our families and our economic freedom.  I will fight for the right priorities – restoring energy independence, tackling inflation by working to rein in government spending and cutting red tape so that our businesses can grow jobs while operating efficiently and cost effectively to deliver affordable goods and services to our Oklahoma families.

We must also prioritize defending our constitutional rights – these are our rights, not suggestions subject to political winds.  And, we must defend our communities from crime and chaos caused by drugs and other dangerous elements flowing across our borders.  I will stand firm for our Oklahoma families and our nation!